Is Consumerism Good or Bad


Spring 2016
Faculty Academic English

Essay ( 20 %)

Annie Leonard, an environmental activist and writer, in her video “The Story of
Stuff” tries to persuade the viewers that materialist economy where
consumption is at the heart of the system is a “system in crisis” and she
believes it has to be changed.
On the other hand, Russ Roberts, who is an economist, disagrees with her and
says that the system seems to be working well.
Peter Saunders, an Australian writer also defends that capitalism, in other
words, the materials economy has many benefits.

Is materialist economy, in other words, capitalism a system in crisis and
therefore needs to be changed?

Write an argument based essay ( minimum 1000 words) using the outline prepared
in class answering the question above. You need to also check that your essay is in
line with the FAEP Writing Criteria and in line with MLA conventions.

Please refer to the materials we studied in class:
Annie Leonard’s video “The Story of Stuff” ,
The interview of Christian Amanpour with Leonard and Russ Roberts
Peter Saunder’s “Why Capitalism is good for the soul” .
In addition, you need to use the text that you have found



Zeynep Merve TOPAKTAŞ
Sema Keşkekçi
Capitalism is the system in the world that most of the countries have been
basing their economy on. According to Bussiness Dictionary, "capitalism" means the
economic system based on private ownership of the factors of production employed
in generation of profits. In other words, this system based on production and
distribution of goods are owned by a small minority of people. That's why it is called
materialist economy at the same time.This system is the most prevalent economic
system in the world for a long time. In such case, people are forced to agree the
materialist life style and capitalism. Actually, they are being forced to be a...