Irish Law

Irish Law
• “A crucial feature of a legal system is that it identifies the origins of different rules and establishes their relations to one another”. The Irish Legal System, Byrne & McCutcheon, 4th Edition, 2001, Butterworths.
• Outline and discuss any two of the following sources of Irish Law:-
1. Common Law.
2. Legislation.
3. Constitution.
4. European Law
• Outline and discuss any two of the following sources of Irish law.
(i) Legislation
(ii) Constitution
(iii) European Law.
Please refer to case law where appropriate.
• Your friend has been asked by his employer to speak to a group of American tourists about the relationship between the Irish Constitution and legislation as sources of law.   He knows you have attended lectures on the subject and he comes to you looking for some information which he can include in his talk. What information would you provide him with?


• “A contract to be valid, and therefore binding on the parties, must be possessed of certain ingredients”. Discuss.
• Outline and discuss the remedies for breach of contract
• Outline and discuss the necessary ingredients for the formation of a contract

Principal and Agent

• Detail the respective duties owed by the principal and agent to each other in an agency agreement
• Describe the different ways in which agency can be established


• Identify and discuss the principal elements of the tort of defamation.
• Discuss the four elements necessary to establish a claim in negligence.
• Your best friend, Marge Simpson, is sitting in her car in traffic when she is struck from behind by another vehicle. As a result she suffers a whip-lash type injury. Marge thinks she might be able to recover damages for personal injuries caused by what she says was the negligence of the driver of the other car. She recalls that you have attended some law lectures in DIT so she calls to see you to ask your advice about the principles of negligence in tort...