Irish American

July, 10, 2010
Bridgette Mack

As of 2000 there were 281,421,906 (US Census) Irish Americans living in the Untied States as a little girl I can remember my parents always talking about how good things were while living in Dublin. At this time my father was a framer and we survived off the money he made from his crops then in the late 1700’s things began to worst the war was over between Great Britain and the French while the war was going on Great Britain had a trade agreement with Ireland and this was a great benefit to our Irish economy.
        During this time I can remember hearing my father talking to mother saying things like he has never seen it this bad and then thing got even worst Ireland began to experience a disaster in there potato crops and this plagued the entire country there were people dying of starvation and losing their farms and being evicted from their homes all of this was due to the great famine caused by the crop failure. My father told my mother and me that there was a better life in the Untied States and that was where we were going.
          As I remember the date of 1846 there were so many of us from my homeland waiting to broad a ship to take us to the Untied States many people landed in cities of New York, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts we settle in Boston, Massachusetts a whole different world from Ireland and many different things that my family has to get accustom to. We lived in some of most horrible places and the Boston Committee of Internal Health classified these places as a “perfect hive of human being”
        There was very unsanitary condition that we had to deal with I remember child being born and they would live very long because of all the sickness that plague the places we were living in. Irish American was view as dirty, lazy and stupid. I can remember my family having to share a room with two other family no bathroom and no running water. My father had the roughest time...