Final Project - Ireland
Bernadette Walker
February 3, 2014
Edward Gaeraths

Like many Americans I have a family, but no roots. My mother’s family is French Canadian, Irish, and Sicilian. My father’s is English, Irish and Scottish.   Having Irish on both sides that’s where I choose to believe I am from, ancestrally speaking that is. I have wanted to go to Ireland for the majority of my adult life, and now I am planning a once in a life time trip. I have contacted a tour agency called “Spiritual Quest Journeys (SQJ) (   SQJ offers many different journeys throughout the United States and foreign countries. The journey package I have chosen is in Ireland and titled, Land of Leprechauns and Celtic Magic. My adventure spans from August 22, to the 31, and starts at the Dublin airport. However before I can take that big step across the waters, I have many baby steps to take. First finding out about Ireland, facts that is, not just stories and movie plots. What type of money they use, what is the current rate of exchange with the U.S. dollar. I assume they speak English because until the early 1920s they were part of the British Empire. However I also know that Gaelic was spoken in Ireland and may still be in some parts. I must remember to apply for a passport at least two weeks in advance of my departure. First though I must have my birth certificate, passport picture and a copy of my itinerary, because a passport will not be issued without proof of citizenship and proof of travel, (Travel.State.Gov, n.a.). So many things to do, before I can go, so let’s get started.
  Ireland is an island; it is often referred to as “The Emerald Isle. This is because of its lush green foliage and forests. It is situated in the North Atlantic, west of Great Britain and roughly the size of the state of Virginia. The first recorded inhabitants were the Celts, who arrived there between 600 and 150 BCE; though stories and tales have...