Being obsessed with someone who hardly notices you is experienced by many people. Loving someone who doesn’t love you back is always tragic. In “Irregularities “The narrator experiences that kind of pain. Not only does she lose the love of her life but also their unborn child.
The fact that he is a heart doctor is very symbolic. the heart is the most obvious symbol of love, and a way to illustrate the tragic lovestory. It shows how much her heart is broken by her boss,   and how close she bonds to the unborn baby and how heartbroken she gets when she miscarry it.
The story starts in medias res. We start by hearing about onions and that she cannot eat them anymore, without even knowing that she has a baby. During the story we get hints, in the form of flashbacks, that she is going to tell the whole story, which builds up a tension so we do not find out what happens until the end.
The narrator is clearly in love with her boss, she is obsessed by him. She feels that she is inferior to him. He is almost described as a god who cannot make mistakes. “My boss, James Soelander, M.D., doesn’t even know yet about the baby inside me, though I believe he ought to. But he is always forgetting where he put his pen when its tucked behind his ear or where he has laid his beeper though it is usually clipped to his belt holding up his slacks. So I can see how it happened” (Page 1, line 11) “Sometimes when Dr. Soelander is out for the afternoon, I do my work on his office computer just to touch the cashmere coat he leaves hanging on the back of the chair” (Page 2, line 45)
This affection is clearly not repaid by Dr. Soelander. He is obviously not interested in the narrator in the same way as she is with him. The relationship is doomed from the start, but the narrator clings on to the small hope that he will choose her in the end, and the baby is her mean to win him over. But she dares not to tell him because of the fear of scaring him away. His little interest...