Iran History

Ancient Iran
Pre-History Iran - The History of Elam - The Elamite Empire - Aryans' Immigration
The Median Empire
The Empire of the Median (Mâdhâ) Dynasty; 728-550BCE - Median and Achæmenid Empire of Iran
The Achaemenid Empire
Achaemenid (Hakhâmaneshiyân) Dynasty (550-330BCE) - Map of Iran under Achaemenid Dynasty - Achaemenid Army - Achaemenid Royal Inscriptions - Achaemenid Royal Inscriptions: Plans and Photographs - Achaemenid Empire (Coins) - 550-330 BC: Persian Empire - Achaemenid period (553 bce - 330 bce) - New Trends in Achaemenid History - The Achamaenid - Achaemenians - The Art of Achaemenian Iran - Achemenet (French) - Histoire et civilisation de monde achéménide et de l'empire d'Alexandre (PDF) - L'histoire de l'empire achéménide aujourd'hui: nouvelles tendances, nouvelles perspectives (PDF) - Cyrus, Darius, And Glory - Cyrus The Great - Cyrus the Great and Rise of Persia - When Cyrus the Great was a Boy - Cyrus the Great's Cylinder | Translation - Cyrus Cylinder: How a Persian monarch inspired Jefferson (BBC) - Cambyses II - The Sacred Disease of Cambyses II - Cambyses II, the Persian Ruler of Egypt And His Lost Army - Excerpts From The Fall of the Peacock Throne - Musée achéménide virtuel et interactif
The Persian Wars
The Persian Wars (by Livio C. Stecchini) - The Persian Wars (HWC) - The Persian Wars by Herodotus
Persepolis and ancient Iran: Thumbnail - Images of Persepolis - Persepolis, the Sacred City - Persepolis - Persepolis/Ancient Iran (The Detroit Institute of Arts) - Persepolis (ICIC) - 3dparse - Persepolis, a virtual reconstruction - Persepolis Recreated (Video)
The Seleucid Period
The Seleucid dynasty - The Seleucid Empire - Alexander the not so Great: History through Persian eyes - Persia After the Death of Alexander and Its Resistance To Hellenistic World
The Parthian Empire
The Empire of the Parthian (Ashkâniân ) Dynasty; 248BCE-224CE - The Parthian Empire - Les Parthes, la civilisation - The Parthian Army -...