Ipt Yr 12 Assessment Task

Here is you’re Communications ASSESSMENT TASK, enjoy the challenge.


Qu 1 Describe in detail the operation and purpose of a mail server and a web server. 10 Marks
Qu 2 Outline the operation of a home wireless network (include all Information
Technology and protocols used). Discuss the advantages and disadvantages,
giving examples of each to justify your answer. 10 Marks
Qu 3 Communications have greatly changed the nature of the workplace. In relation 10 Marks
to the following headings, briefly describe using examples on each as to
how the nature of work has changed. a) Power and Control
b) Ethics
c) Interpersonal Relationships
d) Work and Employment Issues
e) Current and Emerging Trends in Communication
Qu 4 Currently some Countries are trialling broadband Internet access over the 10 Marks existing power grid. Evaluate this type of access as compared to the current
methods of broadband access.
Qu 5 Critically analyse the social and business effects the Internet has had on the
Banking sector. 10Marks
Qu 6 Other than E-mail and Social networking applications, discuss how other applications/appliances have changed the way we communicate socially and
conduct business? 10 Marks
Qu 7 Encryption is often used when transferring data to keep it secure, explain how
the encryption process is carried out. 5 Marks
Qu 8 Outline the roles of a Network Administrator of a company for a computer
Network consisting of a file server, a proxy server, 120 workstations and
900 users, and is part of WAN of 100 similar companies. 10 Marks
Qu 9 The Client-server architecture is used on most networks.   With the aid of 5 Marks
two examples explain why this type of architecture is so important.  
Qu 10 Explain the operation of a packet switching network? Give an example where
packet switching is used. 10 Marks
Qu 11 Evaluate the different forms of...