Iosh Proje

Part 1 - Description of the work tasks that are your responsibility
A brief description/sketch of the location(s)
Although a sketch is not specifically required, it can be very difficult to describe the workplace accurately without one. Typical things to include would be:
  * Outline of the workplace, marking doors, windows, roller shutters, emergency exits, stairs, etc., giving dimensions where appropriate
  * Position of desks, benches, machines or other equipment and, if relevant, any power/compressed air sources, etc.
  * Brief description of the workplace, e.g. “carpenters’ workshop”, “sales office”, “car park”, “warehouse”, etc.
Description of the people who work or visit the area regularly or from time to time and how often they’re there
List all the people who may be present, even if they are not on a regular basis. Don’t forget to include people such as:
  * Employees who generally work elsewhere in the organisation but may sometimes or occasionally be there, for example to collect goods/stationery or use the photocopier, etc.
  * Contractors – including service engineers, cleaners, etc.
  * Any visitors – e.g. reps or perhaps members of the public, even trespassers if these are anticipated
  * For each of these groups of people don’t forget to indicate those regularly work there and those who are there from time to time, indicating roughly the frequency of their presence – e.g. cleaners will probably be there every day after working hours, service engineers perhaps once a month, employees from other parts of the establishment several times a day, etc.
Description of permanent and/or temporary pieces of equipment and substances used in your work environment
Equipment – depending on your workplace, this may include:
  * Tools – indicate whether these are hand tools, power or battery or air powered tools and the number of these present 
  * Computer equipment
  * Cleaning equipment – especially electrical appliances
  * Ancillary...