Invite Moon to Drink Together

Tony Kuriakose
ART 106
                        Chinese Art Exhibit 2010
                                          Invite Moon to have a Drink together
On February 3rd 2010, I had an opportunity to see a Chinese Art exhibit in Clemens building of West Kentucky Community and Technical College as a part of the Chinese celebration of the New Year. The exhibit consisted of Chinese calligraphy and paintings.
      The painting that captured my attention was titled “Invite Moon to have a Drink together.” Which was based on a famous poem “Drinking alone with the Moon” recited by Li Bai. Li Bai a very famous poet is considered the finest poet of the Tang dynasty. The poem is about a lonely man drinking wine but finds himself in the company of the moon and his shadow. The painting was done on a rice paper which portrayed an oriental man standing among some rocks with a cup holding outward as if to share it with the moon up in the sky. The portrait shows nighttime with the full moon showing.   The artist used strong black lines, ink wash, and sharp, dotted brushstrokes to suggest roughness. The edges and shapes seem loose and evident to the style of art chosen by the artist
      The Chinese paintings give emphasis on motion, and charge with dynamic life. The practice is traditionally first learned by rote. The Chinese paintings have two types of techniques a) Meticulous – Gong-bi which is a detailed style painting and b) Freehand – Shui-mo which is a loosely styled painting often involving emotions and where mistakes and correction is not allowed. The overall effect of the work created a simple and perhaps a melancholic outlook for the viewer.