Investment Banking

What does an Investment Banking Analyst do?
An Analyst is the most junior member of the team & is responsible for providing support to their team of Investment Bankers & Associates – below are the main aspects of this role:

Financial Analysis

•  One of the more technical and demanding aspects of the job. Using excel models the analyst will help his/ her Investment Bankers assess a transaction or strategy for a client. Comparable Companies Analysis ● Leveraged Buyout Models ● Comparable Transactions Analysis ● Merger / Acquisition Models ● Valuation Analysis ● DCF (Discounted Cash Flow) •  Analysts will perform detailed research and due diligence on the industry they cover to prepare the background to a pitch for business. •  They will also perform extensive research on the company they are pitching to: Including gathering a wealth of financial data – 10K, 10Q, audited financial statements, balance sheets. •  When business is slow analysts might be called on to run research & screens on companies or sectors to help identify opportunities for deals & transactions. •  Pitch books are marketing tools used to secure deals with potential clients. They are mostly compiled using PowerPoint. They contain in-depth analysis of investment considerations and the recommendation for the client which aligns with their strategic goals. •  Books typically contain S.W.O.T analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats). Comps (Comparable Company Analysis) looking at industry specific details, trends, macro and micro economic and company specific analysis. •  Also included is information on the Investment Bank team pitching to win the deal – Profiles of the Investment Bankers, prior success & performance on deals (i.e. reasons why they should be hired for the deal!) •  Other responsibilities might include attending meetings with clients to discuss a particular deal or strategy, traveling on Roadshows with clients to meet with Institutional Investors around the U.S. or...