Investigate the Variation of the Resistance of a Thermistor with Different Temperatures

Physical Science
Unit Title: The scientific Method for Investigation BZX 831
Assignment 1

Investigate the variation of the resistance of a thermistor with different temperatures


For this experiment I am going to investigate the variation of the resistance of a thermistor with different temperatures. The resistance will be tested at approximately every 5 degrees, with a range from 80 c down to 25 c, and these results will be recorded. After recording the results, the experiment will be repeated at a total of three times, so we can get an average that should be correct and accurate.


I predict that when the temperature of the thermistor is increased the resistance will decrease.


  Thermistors T4
  Thermometer C5
  Multimeter (M4 – resistance)
  Multimeter (M3 – temperature)
  Beakers   (1. hot water   2. cold water   3. empty)


First I set the multimeter to KΩ , unit for resistance. Next I will fill the beaker with boiling water from the kettle. Then place the thermometer into the beaker, to check the temperature. If the temperature is around 85 c then I will place the thermistore into the beaker. Before placing the thermistor into the beaker, I will take a reading of the room temperature and its resistance. Once the thermistor is placed I will start to take the readings from the thermometer for temperature and the multimeter for the resistance. I will take the reading every time when the temperature drops by 5c. To speed up the experiment I will use cold water to drop the temperature quickly because it's very time consuming when you let the temperature to drop by itself. Another thing I have to take in account is that when I add cold water I have to thoroughly make sure the water is stirred to keep water at the same temperature, otherwise the water around the thermistor will be at a different temperature, to that around the thermometer. I will end the experiment by taking the last...