Invest Foodchain Industry to Oversea

Today, the world became globalization. People can visit countries by airplane whenever they want or connect who live in another country with phone and internet. People also can experience different culture of some other countries ;They can see how their lifestyle is or they can visit some famous places. However there are ways to experience foreign culture without going abroad. One of Ways is that people can try diverse food from foreign countries. Recently Korea is getting famous in all of the world. As getting known in the world, many foreign people have some curiosity and interesting to know about Korea's culture ; pop, cities, food etc. I'm going to talk how Food franchising related to International business and what some factors of I.B for doing it. There are three ideas to be success in other countries for food franchising.
Firstly, you need to know customer's taste. For example, people in Korea are adopted spicy foods since they were little child, but foreign people as American, Japanese aren't(of course people in south africa really like something spicy). You can't sell same level of spicy food to that kinds of people. You should survey for foreign people who live in korea what kinds of foods they like or how spicy will be enough for them? or what they think if Korea food to be sold in their countries. Then you put thess ideas together and reflect to your business plan. Survey is the fastest way to know customers.
Secondly, low price and high quality. You decided already decided the lists of menu. Then now you have to consider about money for productivity. The advantages to franchise food in other countries are that you can get good ingredients with low cost. For example, America operate huge scale of farms. They produce large quantity of grain and vegetable etc. and they offer to customers with low cost. You can get needs very easily to your business. It's also not shipping to cross border, so you can get them fresh. The freshness is the most important...