Inventory System

Inventory System of Conching Food Industries
(Timog, Manila)

Group name: Babes Company

Leader: Avegail A. Ferasol
Rosemarie S. Francisco
Mary Joy A. Curaza
Elaine P. Madrigal

Chapter 1

In today’s modern age where computer becomes a way of life, it is very useful to the process of the inventory system in different companies. All business rely on inventory system because it tells what will be the profit of each product when they produce, when you need to order, and what product will be the best selling and having a highest profit. The main purpose of inventory system in each company is to make the process simpler and easier to manage their goods and products. Inventory system is a process by a business that sells product in order to help analyze how the business performing.

Significance of the Study

This study aims to focus on the inventory system of Conching Food Industries. This will show of how their production affects to the market, small enterprises, store owner and even such individuals. The economic growth of the food industry depends on an effective financial system. It is responsible to the earnings of Conching food Industries that can promote and accelerate their economic development.

This study will be useful to make a good inventory system for Conching Food Industries. It will control the process of their inventory system. Moreover, it will be helpful for the formal processing. There are some things that the company being ignored due to the production process that not being reported.

This study will also help the management to know how this informal inventory system in managing their business.

Background of the Study

Nowadays, people are become conscious and think about the processing of the inventory system, they analyzed and study to get more reliable information. But there was a time that the proponents encountered so many problems that may take the process of existing system too slow and too long.