What do you consider to be man's most important invention or discovery and why?

God has given man the ability and knowledge to invent many objects, materials, facilities
and attractions from electricity, computers and microwaves to stoves, phones and television sets.
I would consider aeroplanes   to be one of   man's most important inventions. An aeroplane is one
of the most important means of transportation because it provides a way to travel from one country
to the other overseas, and it is much more efficient and quicker than boats. An Aeroplane is a
machine for flying which is heavier than air and has wings. It is the youngest but most highly technical form
of transport.
An Aeroplanes is an example of transportation, which is an aid to trade in commerce.
It is an aid of transportation during the process of foreign trade. Traders involved in international trade
make money by selling or buying from other countries. In order to do this, there must be some
means of transportation between the two overseas countries involved in trade. Aeroplanes are fast and
reliable and they are able to transport valuable goods during global trade.  
Aeroplanes are constantly expanding in the volume of passengers and freight it handles.
It is far the most important method of transportation of people, both within and to and from outside
the region. Air transport makes a major contribution to the tourist industry, but it is becomming
increasingly important also for carrying cargo. Aeroplanes operate to timetables, mostly on direct
routes. This means of transport also reduces the risk of damage or pilferage. They are very effective over
long distances.
If Aeroplanes were not ivented, how would we be able to travel long distances. Aeroplanes
provide a convenient, efficient means of transportation for everyone; this is why I consider them to be
one of man's important inventions.