Inventing New Ways for More People to Enjoy Tea

Inventing New Ways For More People to Enjoy Tea
Sir Thomas J. Lipton pioneered many practices in tea manufacturing and the company he founded has continued this tradition of quality and innovation:
• 1890: First manufacturer to buy his own tea estates to ensure quality and consistency
• 1890: First manufacturer to sell tea exclusively in packages
• 1906: Created first British blend of tea to be imported into Japan
• 1910: First to use printed tags with brewing instructions
• 1944: “Brisk” tea launched in US
• 1954: LIPTON® introduces the Flo-Thru double-chamber tea bag
• 1964 LIPTON® Iced Tea mix introduced in the US
• 1972: LIPTON® Iced Tea in a can introduced in the US
• 1974: Launch of family-size Tea Bags
• 1983: First U.S. brand to market decaffeinated Tea Bags
• 1992 : LIPTON® Introduces LIPTON® Original; All Natural, Real Brewed Ready to Drink Iced Tea in bottles
• 1999: LIPTON® Cold Brew launched, iced tea prepared with real tea in cold water
• 2005: LIPTON® Iced Green Tea with Citrus in a plastic bottle launched in U.S.
• 2005 LIPTON® introduced To Go Sticks, convenient on-the-go packets  
• 2006: LIPTON® Long Leaf tea in pyramid bags introduced in the U.S.
• 2007: LIPTON® announces all its tea bags globally will use only tea from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms by 2015
• 2010: LIPTON® launches Green Tea Superfruits featuring unique new flavors Acai, Goji, Mangosteen
More than 100 years of “firsts” and innovations has enabled LIPTON® to bring more tea enjoyment to more people in the world than any other tea company. Sir Thomas would be proud. But he wouldn't let us stop here. In that spirit of tireless innovation, research and discovery, LIPTON® is keen to promote awareness and increase understanding of tea, from bush to cup.
LIPTON®. Constantly reinventing the way the world enjoys the goodness of tea.