Introduction to Dota

Introduction to DoTA

DoTA stands for Defense of The Ancients is a role-playing strategy multiplayer online game. DoTA is quite a complicated game which requires a lot of practice and team work. I will help you to get to know about this game better.
First of all, as a strategy game, DoTA requires a lot of tactics and thinking when you play it. There are about 97 characters called heroes (will be updating for more later) and divided into two sides, one is called the Scourge (bad side) and the other is the Sentinel (good side). The main goal of a match is each team will try to destroy the enemies’ ancient artifact  
Heroes are also divided into 3 main groups base on their main stats. There are Strength heroes, Intelligence heroes and Agility heroes. Each hero will have 3 standard skills and 1 ultimate skill which will be leveling up as the level of the hero grows. You will have to kill the enemies to get experience point for leveling up and money to gear up.   Strength heroes are commonly known as Tankers because they usually have very high base Strength point and skills which improve their HP (health point) and armor a lot which make them very hard to be killed than the others two classes. Intelligence heroes are commonly used as Supporters because they have high Intelligence base stat which helps them to have a lot of MP (magic point) so they can cast a lot of skills. They also have skills that can heal others team member, damage their enemies or maybe make themselves to be invulnerable. The bad thing about this group is they’re very easy to get killed because they have very low HP and armor and that makes them always be the first to be targeted by the enemies. The last group is Agility heroes which are the most favorite heroes to be played in this game but they require some skills to control. They have high Agility base stat which makes them have lightning-fast attack and chance of avoiding an attack from the enemies. They also have skill to do a huge amount of...