Introduction to Advertising: Suntory® C.C. Lemon

C.C. Lemon is a lemon-flavoured soft drinks produced by Suntory Holdings Limited (三得利) since 1994. Suntory is a Japanese company established in 1899. It first started its main business in wine beverages and then further developed to other drinks like Green tea, orange juice, soft drinks and others beverages products. There are different products lines sold in Japan, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.
C.C. Lemon has different sizes of packaging, for example, 330ml, 500ml and 1350ml. it tries to position itself as a healthy drink which contains rich amount of vitamin C and states that the product is good for customers’ health. It mentions that it contains 100mg vitamin C in a 500 ml bottle size C.C. Lemon which value’s equal to 70 lemons of vitamin C. Moreover, it is a daily need for a person.
However, C.C. Lemon did not do a very good business in Hong Kong market. The brand and the product have way too low public awareness. Also, C.C. Lemon is definitely not an outstanding product since it cannot differentiate itself well from other soft drinks and healthy in the market. Besides, the product has very similar product name and even packaging to its competitors like C+. Customers can hardly distinguish C.C. Lemon and other competitors. Therefore, C.C. Lemon cannot be the top of mind brand in both categories and customer may find it so hard to recall the brand.

Communication objective
Therefore, three objectives are set to be achieved through this advertising plan. The first one is to announce the attributes of the product to the target customer; the second one is to arouse the awareness of the product to the target customer; and finally, to establish the brand recognition among competitors.

Major selling idea
C.C. Lemon is a healthy soft drink which can provide sufficient Vitamin C for you. It can be a substitute of other unhealthy soft drinks. The benefit of vitamin C will be told in our advertisement. Therefore, our positioning will be...