Introduction of Monitoring System



Monitoring is the systematic collection and analysis of information as a project progress. It is aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of a project or organization. It is based on targets set and activities planned during the planning phases of work. It helps to keep the works on track and can let management know when things are going wrong. The increasing computerization of computer laboratories is providing the server to monitor, assess, and control students activity.
In the present situation the number of system are present in laboratory and they are in LAN also but in every laboratory there is no such client server connectivity present. On such system students can complete their given task and they can also do some other work which is not related to their given task. This is the main problem of the current computer laboratories system in schools. The other problem of the present existing laboratory system is that the lecturer cannot supervise the student activities.
The existing system presents an introduction of a LAN-based computer laboratory monitor system and its design for hardware and software. This system aims at completing monitoring a variety of real-time data. This system achieves the intelligent management of laboratory. By wire means, the laboratory monitoring system can communicate with PC.    
To Monitor a LAN, the monitoring server is typically connected to a monitor port on the switch. If multiple Switches are used in an installation, the monitoring Server may need a connection to all of them. That connection can either be a physical cable, or if your network switches support it, a LAN specifically configured for monitoring traffic. LAN monitoring project aims to develop various network utilities which are required to effectively monitor a LAN network.