Introducing Yourselves

Introducing yourself — your name, age, and what you are like
Where you were born and your birthday
Your family — brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents, others that you'd like to mention.
Things you remember from the past
Your neighborhood, where you live today and lived in the past if you've moved
Your church, your synagogue, your mosque or other place of worship
Your friends
Your talents–what do you do best?
Things you have problems with–what is hard for you to do?
Your school and past teachers
What you like to do
What you don't like to do
Your pets
Your chores
Sports you like to play
Your favorite music
Your hobbies–dancing, horseback riding, stamp collecting, swimming, karate, acting, videogames
Your favorite books
Things that make you happy
Things that make you sad
What you want to do when you grow up
Your goals in life
Your goals for this year
The most important thing in your life at this time
Other ideas
There are tons of other topics you could cover in your autobiography, but you're not writing an entire book about yourself. Why not start by opening your word processor and typing in ideas that come to your mind? (If it helps, copy and past the list that appears here and use it to get you started.) Arrange the ideas in groups according to topic (like the topics listed above). Put all the information about sports together, all the information about your relatives together, and so on. You can do this by making lists or outlines in your word processor, or you can use a graphic organizing program such as Inspiration to help you.
If you get stuck and run out of ideas, ask your parents for some help. –And email your grandparents or other close relatives. As you know, grandparents and favorite aunts and uncles like nothing better than telling stories about you. They'll send you lots (probably more than you want to know) about what you don't remember abut yourself. Some of it will be great for your autobiography, but some you may not use...