Introducing Moral Theology

Introducing Moral Theology
Chapter 2

What is an intention?
Everyone has morality, but how do we determine the difference between your intention and the morality?

Intention- what you intend to do goal or purpose which we direct ourselves

Everyone has some sort of morality or set of rules to that they live by

How to determine/ identify the particular ways people do what they do?

Two crucial concepts are:

Intentionality- people as purposeful creatures, everyone desires something
People pursue with will, and they grasp with intellect.

Intentions exist on a variety of levels- small and big (ex eating vs teacher)

We intentionally seek goals because we want our own happiness - kinda like morality of obligation because things they do to be morally good or to do right thing

Intention reveal what we think will make us happy and how we pursue that happiness is in our actions

You only have an intention if it guides your action or purposeful inaction
intentions makes our actions meaningful and intelligible
we have to listen to someone's intention to truly understand their actions because they also help us evaluate whether or not it is moral or immoral ---> so determining the goals to contribute are human happiness

Our intentions give our actions meaning by how they are shaped.
Intentions shape who we are

Transitive effect- our actions create changes in the world around us

Intransitive effect- impact our actions have on ourselves

Your actions not only impact the world around us but our characters.

Who are we?
An ultimate goal is what shapes simple goals or conflicting intentions
Character is determined by what we do and how we do it
To get a sense what is important consider what you put first by prioritizing your life
We get a sense of character
A purpose in life is what we are (family, God, etc)
One's ultimate goal does that beat everything else if intentions conflict
We do not...