Tesco, UK’s number one and world’s fourth retailer was floated on the stock exchange in 1947. The main competitor is Sainsbury and took over their position to the first in 1995. They launched a home shopping service in 2000, by focusing on the increased number of online shoppers. Tesco is using diversifying strategy in their business into the various areas like mothercare, electrical products, sports wears etc. The increased demand for the foreign goods among the Chinese people lead Tesco to invest around 2 billion pound in the Chinese market were the big companies like Carrefour and Wal-Mart is already invested and it will be a challenging task for them to compete with these big firms as well as with the traditional Chinese supermarkets.
The main competitor of Tesco is Sainsbury which is Britain’s longest standing major food retailing chain. They have nearly 170 supermarkets in United States operating under the name of Shaw’s and Star Market. They are running a bank within the store, were it is a joint venture with the Bank of Scotland. After take over the position by Tesco, Sainsbury dropped to third position.
Tesco’s slogan reveals their quality of services “Every Little Help”, which means they are giving more importance to their customers. They believe, if their service is satisfied by the customers, they will come again for the purchase. In this year Tesco opened the world’s first zero-carbon supermarket in Cambridgeshire and opened their first Lifespace mall in china. They were the official supplier for the England team for the last football world cup which reveals their quality goods and services towards their consumers.
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