Into to Crime

In my opinion, crime is the result of individuals making choices to commit crime. I believe there are many different factors that influence an individual to commit a crime. The few that stick out to me the most will be discussed below.
Poor judgment, lack of education and positive role-models cause many to fail to distinguish right from wrong. In most cases, offenders don't think they are doing something wrong, it seems right from their point of view. Poor judgment is also reflected in knowing its wrong, but believing they can get away with it by not getting caught.
Poverty is often blamed for leading to crime, however underneath is something more vital - society bombards us with commercial values, making us want more and more material things, to the point when some would do anything (including criminal acts) to get them.
Weakness- People are not bad by nature, but sometimes simply too timid to resist the vicious “demons” that play on their weaknesses and cut their bond with the source of their control. Humans are good by default, but not everyone is made of steel so as to defend themselves against the demonic forces - destructive emotions and detrimental attitudes. We all get attacked by those faulty demons of our minds and hearts, but most of us succeed to resist them. It's easy to act on anger, greed, or revenge, but it takes courage and strength to determine that there is something more important than that. Weakness prevails with many criminals because the many factors that causes crime in the first place.
To conclude, many factors can contribute to the criminal’s choice to commit crime however, crime is still the result of individual’s choices.