Into the Wild

Someone’s Notes on Into the Wild (film)
This is my 6 pages notes on Into the Wild that I did in one night. I just couldn't let it go to waste after I find out it's a prescribed text (so i can't use it as a related text for belonging!) Forgive the points at the end that are not fully clarified, I got too lazy =P

1.       Text:
Into the Wild (film)
Directed by Sean Penn; 2007

2.       Explain how the text relates to the concept of belonging.
-           Main crisis: the struggle to fit into a society that is materialistic and superficial, a family that lacks love and   affection, and a world that values social reputations, ruled by social expectations.
-           When he discovers that his parents’ marriage is based on an affair and he is the “bastard’s child”, he feels his identity is false and destroyed.
-           He feels his identity in his social world is not compatible with his inner spiritual self as he believes relationships or money are not essential in happiness.
-           He yearns something more, thus, his decision to explore nature is a self-discovery as he finds deeper connections with nature

3. Compare and contrast with "This is My Letter to the World" by Dickinson:


Dickinson Into the Wild
Not belonged because she feels the “world” (the society or public) does not accept her.
-           “that never wrote to me”

Shows there’s a nature of longing to belong
-           “Judge tenderly of me”- the persona is figuratively asking for the world to accept her and not to judge her harshly for being different. Hence, there is the desire to feel connected with the social world. (hermit)
Not belonged because he doesn’t accept the world he lives in:
-           In the society he does not agree with its values: materialism, money, social image. He believes in spiritual connections and finds that the society fails to understand the significance of them.

He disapproves the...