Interviewee Introduction

Question to ask Interviewee:

1. Are you better at tasks when motivated intrinsically or extrinsically? ( Ch. 9 Motivation)
I believe that I am better at tasks when I am motivated intrinsically.   The motivation and desire is greater to succeed.

2. Do you remember information more accurately when you have observed the behavior performed or do you prefer to read to read how the behavior is to be performed? ( Ch. 5 & 6   The Learning and Memory Process)
I remember information more accurately when I have observed the behavior, more so than when I have read about how the behavior is to be performed.   However, I do feel that both behaviors complement each other in the learning process.

3. Do you prefer to study in a library, or study at home where there are no distractions? (Ch. 5 &6 The Learning and Memory Process)
I prefer to study at home, when there are no distractions.

4. Have you ever taken the Myers Briggs Test? Report the results ( Ch. 11& 15 Personality and Attitude)
No, I have never taken the Myers Briggs Test.

5. If so do you think the results are accurate? Why or Why not? (Ch. 11 & 15 Personality & Attitude)
Not applicable (have never taken it).

6. Do you feel that you are able to self-monitor yourself when it comes to your attitude? If so how? (Ch. 11 & 15 Personality & Attitude)

For the most part, but not always.   I feel that this is achievable through past experiences in life.   Basically, learning to base my reactions on what happened during past experiences.   Through past experiences, one is afforded the opportunity to approach things in a manner that is more beneficial personally.  

7. What has the most influence on your attitude? (Ch. 11 & 15 Personality & Attitude)
I believe that past experiences have the most influence on my attitude
8. What has had the most effect on the development of your personality? (Ch. 11 & 15 Personality & Attitude)
I would say that things that I experienced growing up have the most...