Q: Why do you want to work here? 
I want to work here because I need a good job and this type of work seems like something I could sink my teeth into. I want to do my best job in every-way I can and become a manager 

what are you strengths and weakness? 
My strengths I always do my best and work hard, when I as working at McDonald's I never missed or called in or went late for work, I was always there and I really like the job but I started getting tired of the same routine for 3 years. 
My weaknesses are I sometimes forget to do stuff but other than that I'm a perfectionist I try my best not to have weaknesses 

Q: Name a time when you went beyond expectations? 
Everything I did at my last work was above /beyond expectation 
I worked at the ghetto McDonald's ever in San Antonio and we where always short on staff all time so sometimes I had to work from 6am to 9pm at night to help out my co workers which I don't mind because I was still getting paid and sometimes I would go over time (or you can talk about last time you got good grades at school) 

How will you assist in increasing the store goals? 
A: By constantly providing excellent the best customer service and promoting sales

Q: How would you make sure to provide the best customer service? 
A: By communicating with the customer in a friendly and professional way making him feel comfortable and help them obtain on what they need 

Q: what motivates you? 
What motivates me most is money. 
Making sales and become a manager 

what would you do if you saw a fellow employee being dishonest or stealing? 
A: I would talk to employee first about how wrong it is and than report them to the Loss Prevention department, because the employee would get in trouble and you the manager would get in trouble 

Maybe they would ask you a "tell me about yourself?" 
(Not personal life) talk about your studies and work history and plans about the future on this job 
ex: I see myself being a manager (not...