Interracial Relationships

This paper analyzes interracial relationships in the United States. It looks at the history of interracial relationships and some basic information as well as how they develop and who they involve. There are several problems that people in interracial relationships face, and those are examined as well. It also addresses how children are affected by interracial relationships, and societies perspective of them. This paper looks at current literature over the past ten years that address all these issues.

History of Interracial Relationships in U.S

Interracial relationships in the United States have been present in this country for a long time. According to “…Smith 1966 reports that there is evidence of intermixing between the two races before blacks came to this content as slaves” (Foeman and Nance, 541).   During the time of slavery (date?) plantation owners often would rape their slaves, resulting in a mixture of black and white children. As a result of this practice being so common, laws were put into place to discontinue these practices (Foeman and Nance, 541-542). Even though these laws were established marriages and these practices continued to take place between black and white individuals. Black and white marriages peaked in the 1900’s, but then declined in the 1940’s (Foeman and Nance, 542). According to the census bureau “there are 1 million interracial marriages and over half a million interracial children” (Foeman and Nance, 542).
Compared to the 1900’s and early 1940’s interracial relationships have been on a constant rise. For instance, in 1968 the television show “Star Trek” showed the first interracial kiss (Vargas, 3). After that advancement in US history, “In 1970, interracial marriages accounted for less than 1 percent, or about 300,000, or married couples in the United States, according to a recent study by the Population Reference Bureau” (Vargas, 4). By the year 2000, interracial marriages “…were 5.4 percent, or more than 3 million”...