1) Which professionals might be involved in Imran and Nadia's care and what would their roles be?
2) Why might an interprofessional approach be important in managing Imran and Nadia's care?
3) What Government policy and legislation might be relevant in an interprofessional approach in health and social care?

interprofessional approach would enable us to provide holistic, person centred approach by understanding each others roles and responsibilities and focussing on the key concepts and components for assessing, intervening and managing care.
there are various professionals involved, there is a possibility of conflict between individuals perceptions. Inter-professional working will help in understanding individual perceptions and breaking down stereotypes.   it can improve the confidence of professionals and therefore may benefit Imran as he may receive the best possible support from a variety of services with the same goal in mind
in relation to this case scenario the service delivery will depend on how effectively these professionals work. Different professionals will bring in different skills and knowledge to respond to the familiy's diverse needs. This makes it very vital for all professionals to work collaboratively. Irvine et al. (2002) in the journal of Interprofessional Care say that professionals have a moral obligation to work interprofessionally in order to serve the best interests of the service users
NHS and Community Care Act 1990.  However, on further analyse, I realised the description had not shown any evidence towards the grandmother, for me to implement this legislation section to her situation. I then, came to the realization that my thinking had steamed from the ‘visual imagery’ displayed by the description to the family, this lead me to analyse why I had thought such a way to a visual image. I realised that my thinking could have been oppressive and discriminatory, as I had made assumption toward Mary from a picture which I can only...