Summer Research/ Internship

  The field of medicine catches my attention, with being able to “hands on” and go in depth with discovering new cures, or figuring how to make a medicine more proficient to cure a disease or   treat a average everyday sickness like the Flu .   Being able to take on a summer research project, that includes hands on experience with the overall practice of medicine and the process of getting to that point would be an internship I would be interested in pursuing to give me a better understanding of the whole concept of medicine and get a insight look of what’s to come.
The program that I have chosen is the SURP program that is at Sackler Institute of Graduate Biomedical Sciences in New York.   It consists of being able to interact with individuals in the field of biomedical sciences, giving students the ability to seek research within an exclusive research center prominently to medical sciences.   In addition, experiencing the medical field, alongside collages that are well trained in Biochemistry, Cellular and molecular biology and pharmacology just to name a few.   Allowing students to be interactive with their individual research projects, of being placed within a high end level of medicine in a hospital, where the present of physicians and doctors are present, giving seminars that pertain to your career into the medical field.   Giving you an idea of what is expected in the near future once you are done with undergraduate’s school and go onto the graduate’s school.
            The admissions process to the summer research program is by implementing to the criteria of having grade point average of 3.4 or better and a full semester of bench laboratory research before you apply for this program.   Also it’s essential that you have completed at least two years at a University, as   the selection process is competitive as they are going to look at your overall academic record , research that you have done and recommendations from...