Internet Privacy

My expectations for internet privacy would change as the place or situation changes.   Accessing the internet via work, home or in a public setting all have different privacy settings based on what the administrator has set.   Limiting access is dependent upon how many users and what sites a user may need.  
In a home setting the administrator (me) sets the privacy limitations to fit my needs.   There are times when my children try to set the security settings lower so they can access the Xbox live game site the problem with this is someone can access my information or send a virus therefore I made sure to include a password.  
In the office because I am the CEO I set the internet privacy to what I felt was needed which is more restrictions than one would find at home.   I do not want any employee accessing personal sites so I again made this a password protected process with a blocked off access to certain sites.   Employees can check their social sites like facebook or twitter at home.  
In the library which is a public setting there is a long table where everyone sits close to one another.   I feel this is not very private so I would say the majority of what I would be looking for would pertain to study or basic inquires.   I would not want to access a bill paying or password protected site for fear of identity theft.   My expectation would be that a public place would have the highest setting due to the varied ages that come into a library or computer lab.   I know our public schools computer lab makes a print out of each students activity per day.   We need to make sure our children are protected from predators and web sites that are not age appropriate.  
WiFi zones such as fast food places or hotels place a pop up that informs the person signing on that they are opening up their computer and information to this facility.   This to me is extremely scary, I would hope that these are trusted sites although again we are dealing with humans and there are times when...