Internet Article Analysis

Internet Article Analysis
Heather Maddox
January 31, 2011
Fran Hart

Internet Article Analysis
Budgeting in the criminal justice system is very important. Spending way too much money in one area can cause other areas that are more important to be cut. The article discussed in this paper is about programs being cut that are a necessity. These programs can mean the difference between life and death.
In the text Justice Administration: Police, Courts, and Corrections Management (Peak, 2010) it stated that the prison systems spend $250,000 for one cell in a maximum security prison. The types and brands of materials used to build these cells are unknown, but there definitely exist cheaper materials that are just as strong to build them with. Many people’s homes do not cost as much as one of these cells does and if complete houses can be built cheaper so can the cells.
Correct budgeting is in need here. If the budget is being adhered to, then the system would not be spending that much money on one cell. This type of budgeting is the reason that so many programs and such are being cut from the criminal justice systems. These programs are a necessity in the rehabilitation of offenders. Without them, the offenders with just reoffend and return to prison. The money in the prison systems should go to the most important areas first and rehabilitative programs are more important than building cells with the most expensive materials when the basic materials will do just as well.
In the article that was chosen (Carleton & Duara, 2010) they discussed the programs that are being cut from the prison systems all over the country because they cannot afford to keep them in use. Also discussed is one man who keeps reoffending by drinking and driving. He had already been charged with driving while intoxicated and served a 10-month sentence. He was released on parole in January of 2009. During his 10-month sentence he was not ordered to undergo any kind of...