Internet Access

Persuasive Essay
To whom this may concern, high school libraries should provide internet access to all students. School libraries differ from public libraries in that they are part of a much larger
educational organization. An effective school library center is an active information center designed to meet the diverse learning needs of students and support the curriculum. Some state legislators believe that school libraries should not provide internet access for students. The school library is a voluntary access point for information. By not letting students access the internet, you are limiting the information available to students, and limiting the tools they can use to better their education.
The internet is best invention of the century, and a very valuable tool. In school libraries you can find encyclopedias, newspapers, magazines and plenty of literature on current events as well as history. New sets of books are constantly needed to keep students informed. The thoughts and ideas of last year may be wrong this year. With internet, the students have an up-to-date resource that is guaranteed for you to find what you search for. While doing a project it would ache you a much longer time to search through mountains of old encyclopedias than just typing a word or phrase in a computer and getting your information near instantaneous. Getting it done faster also leaves for more material for your child to learn in a shorter time, giving them an easier and faster way of gathering what they need.
In addition, many students don’t even have internet access in their house. It is unfair that those students should be at a disadvantage from everyone else who does have internet access. The library is suppose to be a place where students can study, learn, and use all the tools available for them to complete their school assignments. Also, many of the assignments assigned nowadays can only be done through the internet. Technology is an enormous part of our society and a...