International Law

International Business Deals
            International business deals are complex and require a great deal of care and thought to make all contracts legal and binding and enforceable on both ends. This involves the utilization and decision on whose laws the contracts are made under and enforced by. This also requires a decision to be made regarding how disputes will be resolved and under whose guidance. I is important Prior to entering into international contractual business agreements to take into consideration the rules and laws of all countries that will be held by those agreements. It is equally as important to also consider any and all transnational governing bodies like the WTO.  
What to Consider
When looking into what other countries to include in a business deal some of the issues that should be considered include the political stability of all countries involved, copyright and patent protection laws in all countries involved, employment laws and regulations in all countries involved, and ethical and cultural diversity matters that may arise in all countries involved. Outlining strict dispute resolution guidelines in advance simplifies conflict resolution if in the future a conflict does arise. Research into the laws of the countries obligated by the contract is vital in order to make decisions regarding the conditions of the contract and planning for any potential future conflicts. However, no matters how well researched and planned   out the contract may be problems will inevitably arise and can be critical and delicate when working with different countries and issues regarding politics, culture, and laws in each. Any conflict could result in a violation and loss of the contract in its entirety and damages to either party if the conflict is not handled with care and thought. Conflict must be discussed openly and with all involved parties and all potential solutions must be given some thought and the cultural differences must be given respect taken...