International Business

Outsourcing will reduce costs such as wages, taxes, the profit generated from outsourcing can reinvestment into business. Outsourcing will add new skills and resources into business immediately, if you choose one skilled employee, it will expend your business and help you build up your strengths and potential opportunities to avoid your weakness. Outsourcing provide excellent opportunities for small firms / home-based business to be able to compete with large organizations, by outsourcing, it allows you to grow efficiently. Outsourcing save your time, it do not personally to do all the work, you can save time to do whatever you specialized in. Outsourcing will increase your overall production capabilities, by outsourcing you will do less work, let other body handle tasks, you build a team to carry work load for you. However, actually American based
Then increase the protection of company and customers’ data if transported to destine countries; At last, create an aid center that helps employees, who lost their jobs caused by the offshoring, to acquire new skills which may enable them to transfer to other local industries.

Offshore noncore functions

The goal of outsourcing and offshoring is to enhance the competitiveness by achieving a higher profit through less capital commitment and increasing the ability to adjust quickly to a new business area (Insigna and Werie, 2000). Offshoring noncore functions can reduce the cost as well as maintain the core competitiveness of the bank. Some are arguing that the banks have an obligation to the community, to the country, and part of that obligation is protecting Australian jobs. But in order to fulfill social responsibilities, a business must firstly maintain its own economic health and viability, therefore survival is not a sufficient goal (Greenspan. 2008). Without offshoring and outsourcing, the bank could only stagnate at a level of survival in a background of global economic recession considering the high wages...