International Abduction and Forced Child Labor.

International Abduction and Forced Child Labor.
We have now moved into the 21st century, and still millions of people are subject to forced labor. Any sort of forced labour is a serious human rights violation, it is seen as an international criminal offence.
Forced labor is not supposed to be accepted anywhere. Bodies such as the International Labor Organisation (ILO) are trying to eradicate abduction and child labor . The ILO by its 29th convention ,hopes to completely put an end to all this.
Topics such as abduction and forced child labor keep popping up in the news .Just to let you all know that according to the human rights commission every child has a right to live (which means he/she cannot be forced into war ), right to be educated ( this indicates that children are not subject to being employed).
Now for your awareness I have put together many cases from all over the globe , when people have been abducted and forced into labor.
In the year 1999 , it was found out by a team of UN experts that local militant organizations receiving direct help from the Sudanese authorities ,were raiding and torching down many villages. The militants captured the women and children and sent them to the northern part of Sudan where middlemen would eventually sell or give them away to people .These poor people had no social security and were vulnerable to being exploited. There were organizations which came up to protect these people , but they were of little effect.
Haiti has recently been a top headline maker and has won many sympathizers all over the world. Haiti has received $4.4 billion as aid from countries all over the world   to rebuild their country after the tragic earthquake .But what we haven`t heard about is the forced child labor in Haiti . Many poor parents sell their young ones away as they cannot afford their well being .These children mostly girls grow up to be known as RESTAVAKS .They have no social security and when they are of age they are...