Internatinal Issues

International Issues with System Integration

  Our Organization

      Our organization is the National Enrichment Facility (NEF) located in Eunice, New Mexico.
      We are a privately owned, federally licensed Uranium enrichment facility that will provide low cost commercial grade Uranium to Nuclear Power plants in both the US and Canada for commercial energy production applications.   We have been issued the first dual license for both construction and operation ever issued by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), we have begun construction of our facility and expect to be fully operational by the Fall of 2009.   Our mission it to use the world’s most advanced, energy efficient and cost efficient enrichment technology to provide the United States and Canada with a domestic source of low-enriched Uranium essential for fueling commercial nuclear power plants[i].   Our organization’s parent Company is URENCO Inc. a Dutch company with plants operating in four European companies providing the means to provide 15% of the European Unions power supply2.
      In order to be an effective organization that provides both energy resources to the nuclear industry as well as profit to our shareholders and owners, it is very important to understand the international issues associated with our business and provide a means of overcoming and adapting to the challenges of implementing enrichment   technology new to the US market, and provide our employees and managers with the most comprehensive and up to date training, that will facilitate a seamless integration of European technology to the US market.   Our organization needs to focus on two separate areas essential to the proper integration of our business systems; (1) uses of internet technology, and (2) training and overall integration.   Therefore, this paper will provide recommendations to aid overall system integration highlighted by the two areas mentioned above.   I will also provide historical reference points for...