Internal & External Influences on a Business

Explain How Internal And External Business Essay
Business is an organization or company that provides goods and services to the community. The general aim of a business is to satisfy the needs and wants of the community whilst also making a profit. In Australia business has a major impact on our everyday lives. Business provides people with employment, it boosts our economy and also it allows us to have a greater quality of life. This means it provides us with the benefits needed to lead a simple and convenient life. There are several factors that can influence a business, these factors include Internal and External influences. Internal influences include factors the business itself may have some control over, whilst on the other hand factors that the business can not control such as laws and regulations are External influences.
Importance of business
Business is like the blood that flows through our bodies, with out business our lives would be almost impossible. Business plays many different roles in our everyday lives. Most people either own or work for a particular business. Businesses make it possible for the community and even further places such as overseas countries to receive and sell goods and services. A business can be anything that provides goods and services to the community such as corner shops providing customers with goods and sweets and they can also be larger companies such as Nike selling shoes and clothing all over the world. Businesses allow for our economy to grow and become stronger, with out a strong economy a country can not run as smoothly as preferred. One of the main reasons why businesses are so important in our everyday life is due to the fact that businesses provide millions and millions of people with job opportunities.   If businesses did not exist people will not be able to work and earn money for everyday living. There are certain factors that can influence a business. These factors include internal and external influences....