Internal & External Factors

Internal and External Factors of Sutton-McCann & Company


July 20, 2015

Internal and External Factors of Sutton-McCann & Company
      Managing any business takes skills, knowledge, experience and intuition that can take years to refine successfully. The four functions of management are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. With every organization, there are internal and external factors that can affect those four functions. Factors such as globalization, technology, innovation, diversity, and ethics affect the management functions in many ways. Every company has a unique collection of factors both internally and externally that have the potential to influence management functions.  A company must contend with competition, regulations, and consumer demands; as well as being aware of the culture, policies, and employee relations. Managing a small accounting firm requires all of those assets along with a wealth of insight as to what factors ultimately affect your business. Sutton-McCann & Co. is a small accounting firm located in Tacoma, WA; there are only seven employees and over seven hundred clients. Managing this company is a full-time job and is cohesively done by a team of four owners. These people have to consider technology, diversity and ethics all while trying to plan, organize, and lead their team of employees. This is an area in business where many organizations, both large and small, will fail; without considering all of the factors affecting the functions of management there is not a complete picture.
Key Factors
      The modern world we live in has made it so that no company can succeed without incorporating technology. At Sutton-McCann, the use of technology is very limited in comparison to what it could be. Some technology such as e-filing tax returns and simple e-mail are being used but not to the full potential. If the management team was to plan and more effectively use the technology offered by the current...