As a result of the current merging of InterClean and Envirotech, the organization has taken new direction and along with this change, an addition of opportunities to grow and develop a new team had become available. The creation of this team will require a structured development plan and defined processes to follow. Developing a job analysis will require a combination of a task summary requirements and resource. The purpose of job analysis is to identify job description and a job specification and the nature of jobs might change depending on time, environment, context, and people. There are five common methods of job analysis; job performance, observations, interviews, critical incidents, and questionnaires.
InterClean will schedule meetings with the administrators of the hospitals to discuss their needs and observe new tasks perform at the hospitals. They will issue surveys and questionnaires to be completed by the hospital’s administrators and personnel. In addition, an interview will be conducted with the staff to discuss their duties and responsibilities about their job. In gathering this information the standards for the needs of a salesperson in this industry can be set and the desired job description, duties, and specifications can be designed. Defining and documenting the workforce planning system will provide an efficient method to meet the demand on providing qualified resources to fulfill business needs (Casio, W., 2006, Managing Human Resources, Ch. 5). Part of the process that will be taken into consideration will be the selection method and what are the advantages and disadvantages to the methods that will be used. These development plans will provide the foundation necessary to identify several key employees to fit the needs of the new team.
Each one of the sales manager would be grouped into multi-functional teams that are well trained to give high quality service and developing of full-range package that tailored to individual accounts. Part of...