Interclean's Compensation Plan

InterClean Compensation Plan
Lao Vang
HRM 531
December 15, 2010
Tania Say

InterClean Compensation Plan
Many employees love to work for an employer who offers a strong compensation plans. Every employer must understand the main key to succeed in the business industry is to have an effective well-designed compensation package. As the head manager of InterClean’s new sales team, it is my duty to develop a unique and effective compensation proposal to the human resources department manager for an approval. It is to my understanding that employers need a compensation plan that can motivate employees to strive above normal expectations. The use of a compensation plan can balance the cost and equity among every individual. Employers’ main strategy is to attract the best candidate for the company and retain a strong relationship with the candidate. I will conduct my strategy based on marketing research, intensive data collection, and to be my knowledge to improvise a compensation plan. My objective for this proposal is to explain the effectiveness of my pay system, indicate three components of a total reward package, and the benefits for both the employee and employer.
I was start off by creating a new compensation plan for InterClean’s new sales team   based on a job analysis of every job position, an evaluation on each job, and establish a salary pricing range. All three of these categories will help me determine the importance of each sales position in accordance with the job pricing. The pay system can eliminate any conflicts between the employer and the employee relating to work performance. The salary of each job position held by the individual employee will be range from a minimum base salary to a midpoint salary and to a maximum salary. The pay grade level of each job position will scale on the importance of duties the job is to the employer. The number of responsibilities held by the individual can determine every salary range. Each individual team...