Interclean Merge Memo

InterClean Merge Memo

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      To: Sales Managers


      CC: HR

      Date: June 24, 2010

      Re: Employees Behavior for EnviroTech Merge

            With the upcoming merge with EnviroTech, I will like to address some behavioral actions I am expecting to see during this transition among the sales personnel. Our people need to be calm and de-stressed. As you know, “The organizations in which people work affect their thoughts, feelings, and actions in the workplace and away from it. Likewise, people's thoughts, feelings, and actions affect the organizations in which they work.” (Brief & Howard, 2002, p. 280). Is important to understand how the company’s productivity can be affected by the overall behavior of the staff.   I want you to take the initiative in motivating the sales force and transmit that this as an excellent decision and opportunity for growth. Some restructuring and hiring will be done, but not at the management level and it will not have a big impact in our current headcount, on the other hand, we will gain more expertise in areas, and products that we currently don’t offer. It will be a training experience that in the end will benefit both the business and the individuals to achieve goals, and increase their monthly sales numbers. I want you to remember that a non-performance employee can bring financial losses to the organization.
      It is very important that during this transition period, as department managers, keep all discussions to a minimum to not generate rumors that could get projected to our customers and employees. "If you don't treat your employees the way you want your guests treated, it's not going to happen, your employees will treat your customers the way you treat them" (Zuber, 1996, p. 15). Currently we have several people with seniority in the...