Interclean–Envirotech Merger Paper

Week 2
InterClean-EnviroTech Merger Scenario
HRM/548–Recruitment and Retention Practices

The merger between InterClean and EnviroTech is dominated by InterClean in lieu of the domestic market.   Merging InterClean with EnviroTech will help increase company sales to help achieve the sales goals and revenue.   As with any merger, the skills sets do not always mesh together easily.   This is why employees for both companies like retraining to help determine which employees are the best fit for the job.
What are the viable options the company has at this point?
      The company has three viable options at this point:
        • Retrain the staff for both companies; the company will retrain and monitor workers to see which of the chosen ones will continue their journey with the company.
        • Continue business as normal with the staff provided; present employees with alternative training programs when available.
        • Recruit new staff altogether; bring on new staff while letting other staff members go because of improper training and lack of learning the new procedures.
When might rightsizing be appropriate for this company?
      Rightsizing for this company might be appropriate when alternatives are impractical, outrageously expensive, or when company strategy is not working.   This is something InterClean may discover once they have realized that the merger is unsuccessful because of lack of training and training resources availability.   Unavailable training will only hurt the merging process as the company strays away for the strategic objectives as well as not achieving the market goals.   If the company decides that rightsizing is not appropriate, the competitors may take the initiative to improve their own businesses.
How can the company implement the plan in a manner that is both ethical and legal?
      The company can implement the plan that can both be ethical and legal once the decision has been made about what should happen.   After the...