Interagency Essay

Major Areas of USG Interagency Response

      The bulk of stability and peacekeeping operations in an order to United Nations or other international organization as part of a transition plan is critical.   It is vital that all major coordination is put in place.   The interaction that occurs between agencies of the US Government (USG), to include the Department of Defense (DOD), working towards accomplishing an objective together is defined as Interagency. With DOD combined with intergovernmental organization (IGO) and nongovernmental organization (NGO) coordination, these organizations help facilitate the transition from military combat operations to civilian stability.
      My thesis is to describe the USG Interagency Response in the JTF Caspian Operation order and how vital it is in the operation.   In this essay, I will discuss the five major areas of concern for interagency response: Stable and Secure Partners, Governance and Rule of Law, Democratic Systems and Practices, Promotion of economic growth and development, and Restoration of essential services.   Without all these elements as part of the plan for stability operations in phase V, then the status of a long term government would be uncertain.
      The first major areas of USG Interagency response is “Stable and Secure Partners.”   Azerbaijan is an important ally on the “global war of terrorism” to the West.   The country is a major energy producing and transit state.   Their role in the Caspian region is increasingly evolving as a critical actor.   With the 3 specific national assets as previously mentioned, Azerbaijan is a key country for many interested parties.   Because the Azerbaijan Government is evolving and creating a stronger relationship with the West, it’s is also attracting insurgents and other crime/terrorism. The country is still very vulnerable because it’s still transitioning and is considered a transit country for many radical...