Inter Intentin and Outer Temptation

The personal intention and the outer temptation

    When we mentioned crime and drugs, an image of thin and ill-liked people will soon occur in our mind. And these two words always are associate with unhealthy and bad things. In our society, crime and drugs are usually treated as a problem among teenagers, especially in some developed countries. Because the children in the developed countries are given nearly complete freedom, so their conscience of responsibility and independence has been developed when they are very young. Parents respect their children very much, that is to say, children are given the opportunity to determine what kind of people they will be, they must entirely be responsible for their own lives.
    All coins have two sides. In such circumstance, there is no doubt that more creative and imaginative people appeared throughout the country, but another fact we cannot neglect is that advancement accompanied by more problems because of too much freedom. Anyway, not all children are able to control themselves very well, especially when they are in rebellion period. There are too many temptations in the colourful outer world, and since it’s called colourful, and those little guys who are not mature enough to reject some bad things disguised with beautiful appearance, they may be addicted to those, such as drugs. Drugs can make them feel like in paradise temperately, where fulfilled with excitement and happiness, they grasped the branches which someone throw out to lure then, and then cannot refuse it any more. We think the indulgence is evil while they themselves prefer to call it a better enjoyment of their lives. But rationally speaking, they are definitely wrong.
    On the other hand, during their pursuit to physical fulfillment, outer-world temptations may sometimes lead them to the wrong road, even to crime. When dealed with things related to money, interest and wealth, even an adult may lose his heart, so as to children or teenagers. The...