Intelligence Vresus Wisom

I believe Wesley Snipes was lacking in both emotional intelligence as well as in successful intelligence when facing tax evasion charges.   The lack of emotional intelligence was how he did not pay his taxes or filing tax returns for six years. His contempt for the tax laws was apparent when he did not file returns as well in how he dealt with the issue once he was informed of it and the possible consequences of not correcting the problem.   His arrogant in thinking he had done nothing wrong, Mr. Snipes was lacking in good judgment and lacking of perspective when concerning the consequences of his actions in believing he would get away with tax evasion.   This is how Wesley Snipes lacked emotional intelligence cost him three years in prison and having to pay the Internal Revenue Service the money he owned for six years in taxes.
The lack of successful intelligence by Wesley Snipes came in the form of unwisely following the advice of others and not obtaining another opinion concerning the issue of not having to pay taxes. The lack of knowledge of the laws and requirements as well as the consequences which occurred do to not being responsible for his actions and the unwise choices in how he responded to the charges by passing back checks, his actions to correcting the mistakes, and him being found guilty of not filing tax returns being sentenced three years in prison and having to pay what he owned to the government in taxes show his lack of successful intelligence.
The lack of wisdom which Wesley Snipes had that contributed to his lack of judgment was not being more cautious when taking advice from others concerning the issue of not having to pay taxes and to get a second opinion concerning the issue. In the way he displayed his contempt for the Internal Revenue Service and tax laws. The lack of understanding in the consequences and the affect of his actions are the aspects which contributed to Wesley Snipes lack of judgment that cost him millions in retribution and...