Intake Process

The purpose of this intake is to ensure public safety and security, by the successfully reintegration of the newly sentenced offender Herman Day. In this intake we will review the present and past offences; state the factors that may have contributed to Day's criminal behaviour. As well place Day in the appropriate institution with the appropriate programing that will help Day acquire the skill to successfully reintegrate back into the community as a law abiding citizen.
  * To ensure that an efficient system is in place for collecting all useful information necessary to assess and treat newly sentenced offenders
  * To ensure that the needs of the newly sentenced offender are fully identified and assessed whether the person can be treated in the community
  * To clearly identify those factors which contributed to the offenders criminal behavior
  * To ensure that an offender is placed at the appropriate institution based on their security and program needs and that the resources are available to them at that institution
  * To ensure that through the intake process community release potential is considered

Offender Intake Assessment Process
Herman has been sentenced 7 years in a federal institution  
Herman will be sent to Millhaven institution for a maximum of 72 day.
  1) Herman will be interviewed by a parole officer.
  2) Herman’s court, police, probation, forensic, and jail records will all be collected within 30 day of Herman’s arrival.
  3) Herman takes part in a Post Community Investigation Interview. In this interview Herman’s 7 need factors with be discussed.
  4) A Post Community Assessment Report will be completed on Herman using the information collected (2) and interviews that have taken place (1)(3).
  5) During the interview with a parole officer, Herman’s Suicide, Security level, Health risks will be assessed
  6) Herman will attend an admission...