1.1 Background of the Topic
Career Planning is a continuous process of evaluating current skills, competencies and individual aspirations, mapping these with business growth opportunities and making corrections and improvements to better prepare for future steps in the career.

Organizations perspective of Career Planning:
  * Resource planning & projections
  * Identifying roles & skill gaps
  * Providing Developmental opportunities
  * Feedback mechanism
  * Linkage with other HR processes
  * Recruitment process (better planned & focused)
  * Training – Planned approach for skill enhancement
  * Performance Appraisal
  * Promotion policy (Vertical as well as Lateral)
  * Compensation & Benefit Management (More skill & role based)
  * Succession Plan & Potential Appraisal – Identify potential role holders & work on skill gap analysis
Individual Perspective of Career Planning:
  * Visibility of Growth Options
  * Awareness on Individual career objectives
  * Job Description of various existing   & New created Roles
  * Career choice alignment with individual aspiration & organizational objectives
  * Identify contributing factors towards individual career objectives fulfillment
  * Competency framework for each role to drive individual growth


Career Planning: A Four Step Process
The career planning process is comprised of four steps. One might seek the services of a career development professional to help facilitate his or her journey through this process. Whether or not you choose to work with a professional, or work through the process on your own is less important than the amount of thought and energy you put into choosing a career.

Pre- planning in our life plays very important role in every aspect of life, to work in a proper flow, and pre-planning for career, which we want to pursue in our future ahead after acquiring certain...