Inspector Calls

Eleanor Ashman Mr. Birling’s thoughts at the end of the play.

Well I think this whole Inspector business is an absolute joke. I can’t believe that this Inspector thinks that he can come into my house and make a mockery of me and my family, acting like he is in charge! I mean if there is anyone who should be acting like he owns the place it’s me, as the man of the house I believe I have every right to ask this “Inspector” any questions I have about this nonsense. I might call the Police Station to double check that this new Inspector really is assigned to us and tell him we have just a had an Inspector call to our house.
Also, throughout this whole Inspector business most people have changed their thoughts on the whole situation, however, I still believe I have nothing to do with this girl’s death. The person I believe has changed the most has got to be Sheila, she has been siding with the Inspector figure, agreeing with him because she believes that she is one of the reasons that this girl has died. I suppose she is feeling guilty because a young girl, around her age has died tonight, and she has thought that she should appreciate life more. As well as this Sheila has been very distant from Gerald today which is quite the opposite of why we were actually here.   We were supposed to be celebrating but instead this Inspector had to come along and ruin my young daughter’s special day.
Another person I believe has changed has got to be Eric, I mean not only did I learn that my boy is an alcoholic but also that he got a young innocent girl pregnant.   He did not even try to stay and help her with the baby.   Instead, he decided to steal from me, his own father, and tried to get away with it. Honestly, I don’t know what to do with him, I mean I am so disappointed in him, I don’t understand why my boy would try and use this girl for his own pleasure and then when she needed him the most he just decided to leave without even saying anything to her. The thing that...