Inside Criminal Justice

The purpose of criminal law is to provide the individual citizens’ protection from the criminals
such as arson, murder, and theft. By having the criminal law the citizens’ would feel safe and
could go on with their daily task. If there is no criminal law then the criminal’s would run the
streets and do what they want to do so it is important to have the criminal law to punish the
person that commits crimes. The main function of protect and punish it provide the protection for
the citizens’ from harms to them such as theft, murder, and arson it also protects the citizens’
from the harm of poorly constructed building and unsafe food.

With this function of the law it provides the citizens’ safety in their neighborhood and the city.
without this function of the law there will be no safety for the citizens’ and the criminals will
have control with the streets and every where the citizens’ go it will not be safe. It is important to
have this function of the law so it will provide the safety of the citizens’ and punish the
criminals. With the main function maintain and teach it explains the morality and teaching
societal boundaries. With public morality it explains how it is wrong to married to two people at
the same time and also how the criminals will use idleness and lying that is a criminal act.

With the teaching societal boundaries this describe how the criminal law uses the punishment to
teach the people a lesson. It explain how if the person rob a house then they will get arrested and
then place them in jail it also explain how this kind of teaching can be use in traffic laws. For
example by using your headlight at night, stopping at an intersections, and follow the speed limit
this will prevent accidents with the various forms punishment by breaking the traffic laws it will
teach the drivers to order of the road. The written sources of American criminal laws it describes
how the constitutional law focuses on various state...