Innovative Teach

Maria Ysart
Innovative teaching
Year 2 P.G.C.E
Mair Lewis
Aberdare Campus

Within this evaluation I am going to discuss my own contribution towards the innovative group task, whilst considering the contribution of the other group members. Additionally I will be evaluating the planning and execution of the sessions delivered by the other groups, paying particular attention to diverse methods, media and technology used.

There are many key thinkers within the huge spectrum of group work from Robert Freed Bales and Grace Coyle to the more well known Carl Rogers and Bruce Tuckman, so to provide a definition of group work that would incorporate all groups would be a near on impossibility as there are so many definitions available, I believe that you should use the definition that best suits the situation/group of that time and as long as you use the definition consistently then you cannot go far wrong.  
My contribution toward the innovative teach was as important as all the other members contribution, and even though I could list out job roles and duties carried out for this piece of work it is fair to say that it’s the unwritten thought processes that were evident from all group members that contributed more towards one; the very idea of this project and two; the delivery of the innovative teach itself.   However in order to cover the criteria needed for this evaluation it is essential to note the individual contribution as well as the groups contribution also.  

Researchers Benne and Sheats identified several roles which relate to the completion of the group's task:
  * Initiator-contributor: Generates new ideas.
  * Information-seeker: Asks for information about the task.
  * Opinion-seeker: Asks for the input from the group about its values.
  * Information-giver: Offers facts or generalization to the group.
  * Opinion-giver: States his or her beliefs about a group issue.
  * Elaborator: Explains ideas within the group, offers examples to clarify ideas....