Innovation and Sustainability Sci 207

Innovation and Sustainability

SCI 207

September 26, 2011

Innovation and Sustainability

Innovation is the way of the human race.   Humans are constantly trying to figure out new ways to change production and consumption of material resources.   Throughout this paper, the author will discuss consumption of material resources, production of material resources and the efforts that must be considered about production and consumption habits in order to sustain the global population? 

      Humans have two consumption habits that are related to material resources.   These resources are leather and oil.   Animal skin is the basis of leather.   Leather is useful in making shoes and clothing for humans.   It is used for many other things as well.   Leather can be used for upholstery of a car or for furniture.   It can also be used for motorcycle saddle bags and seats.

A natural material resource that humans use is oil.   Man can convert oil to make plastic which then makes the material man-made.   Humans must drill for oil, because it is located under the earth’s surface.   Man must drill and place pipes down the hole to pump the oil to earth’s surface for use.   Humans use oil to make plastic and also to produce gasoline, which helps keep our industrial and commercial world moving.   The human race depends on these resources in order to meet their needs.

Natural resources help humans to make the items used in daily living.   These items include gasoline, soap, cleaning products, clothing, et cetera.   The production of new material items our natural resources result in sales of the finished product.   “According to the law of Demand, as the price of resource rises, the quantity demanded falls.   As the price falls, the quantity demanded of a resource increases” (Family Life Management).

Cosmetics, facial and bathroom tissue, cleaning and personal hygiene products are all consumer goods.   These products often include statements on their packaging that include...